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What are the travel switches?

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Travel switches are commonly divided into three types: mechanical type, electronic induction type, and photoelectric type. Although their working principles are different, their functions are exactly the same. They are all devices used to detect the running position of mobile electrical equipment. Let’s talk about the mechanical limit switch first. The limit switch is commonly known as a travel switch or a position switch. Its function is the same as that of a control button. It can convert the mechanical displacement signal into an electrical signal, but the action of the contact is not by hand, but It is to use the mechanical displacement of some moving parts of the production equipment to collide with the switch to make the contacts move to complete the control of making or breaking a certain circuit, thereby controlling the mechanical action or program execution. If the limit switch is installed at the end of the working machine to limit its travel, it is called a limit switch, or an end switch.

Travel switches can be divided into two categories according to different uses: one is general-purpose travel switches, which are mainly used for limit and program control of machine tools, automatic production lines and other production machinery, and the other is travel switches for lifting equipment, mainly used for To limit the travel of cranes and various metallurgical auxiliary equipment. According to the structure, the travel switch can be divided into three types: button type, single-wheel rotary type and double-wheel rotary type, and their working principles are basically the same. The structure and working process of the travel switch is composed of four parts: the operating mechanism, the base, the shell, and the switch core. The operating mechanism is in contact with the stopper to trigger the action of the switch core; the base is generally pressed with plastic, which is used to install and fix and protect the switch core from external factors; the shell has two types of metal and plastic. A pair of moving contacts and a pair of moving break contacts; the switch core is the core component, which realizes the connection and disconnection of the circuit according to the action of the operating mechanism.

The type of travel switch is determined according to the application and the control object.

When the movement speed of the production machinery is not too fast, a general-purpose travel switch is usually used; when the path through which the production machinery travels is not suitable for installing a direct-acting travel switch, a camshaft rotary travel switch should be used; and in terms of work efficiency Proximity switches should be selected when the requirements for reliability and accuracy are very high.

1. According to the environmental conditions of use, select the protection form such as open type or protection type.

2. Select the series according to the voltage and current of the control circuit.

3.According to the movement characteristics of the production machinery, select the structural form of the travel switch (ie the operation mode)


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