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What factors should be paid attention to when choosing a waterproof micro switch?

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As far as the current market is concerned, there are many types of waterproof micro switches, and because some environments require specific requirements for micro switches, the functions of current micro switches are also increasing, such as waterproof and anti-corrosion. Micro switches can work in a variety of harsh conditions. So what factors should we pay attention to when choosing a waterproof micro switch?

When we look at the waterproof micro switch, the first point is to pay attention to its waterproof level. In fact, different levels of waterproof micro switches have different actual application scenarios. We can use the IP waterproof level according to the national standard. It is divided into multiple levels, and we try to choose a higher waterproof level as much as possible, so that we will not be affected too much when we apply it. And we also need to see whether the waterproof micro switch has passed the relevant qualification certification, and because the positioning of the micro switch is relatively special, according to the relevant regulations, it needs to have certification requirements, such as CQC, VDE, UL, ENEC certification And so, its life and quality are still guaranteed. And we also need to see whether the model we bought matches. For different application environments, the requirements for micro switches are very different. Among them, high temperature resistance and high current shock resistance are very critical factors.

Waterproof micro switches are now widely used in automobile manufacturing, electronic devices and other fields, and in the future, micro switches are also constantly optimizing some of their functions, so the market scope of traditional switches in the past is now more and more The narrower it is, the wider the market range of micro switches is, which is also a normal phenomenon.


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