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Duration Estimation

Pls kindly note, it’s important to know the duration of of the whole order process.

Exist sample lead time

For the hot sale model and supplier standard model products, generally they have samples in stock, so you can require a sample quickly and easily. Send the sample request, supplier ship out the samples in 1-3 days by express, you will receive the samples in 7-30 days.

Custom sample lead time

Custom sample lead time depends on your specific requirements and products.OEM packag, such as paper box packag, it’s easy for any suppliers to do it, if you need exist product in custom packag, it takes 4-7 days will be ok.

Production lead time

It depends on the order quantity. The production lead time refers to the number of days required by the factory. After receiving the order, the entire production is completed and ready for shipment. Most of the product supply takes 15-30 days.

Shipping time

There are different shipping ways for options. Air shipping is fast but expensive, it’s a good choice for urgent orders, it only takes 5-7 days max. Sea shipping is the most economical shipping way, time is much longer than air, takes 20-30 days.

Inventory& Low MOQ Support


plenty inventory and well managed.

One Step Solution

Inventory includes, micro switches, limit switches, travel switches, foot switches, toggle switches.


For retailers, we accept small orders. We think this is really good for you.

Price Advantage

For distributors, buy in bulk can get a better price. Save purchasing costs for you.


Production of advanced products, improve the performance of automatic control equipment.

  • Kinds of shell’s material for choice, such as engineering plastic, steel panel, aluminium alloy, etc;
  • Metal shell use the stregenthening to reast the surfase, bears theimpact, the wearability, thermostable:
  • Adopt thermosetting plastic or thermoplastic;Small contact gap, snap action, high sensitivity and smalloperating travel;
  • Variety of levers;
  • Strong structure, made of zinc metal alloy and plastics, easy to contact line;
  • Strong Zinc cast outer shell,strong structure and high mechanical strength; 
  • Preventing oil,water and pressure; 
  • Double way switch,double spring inner switch;
  • Variety of levers; 
  • Adopt thermoplastic crust, compact construction, and Simple installation;
  • May install the protecting cap, can against oil and dustproof;
  • Hand reset and automatic reset for flexible choice;

Application field

The company always adheres to the core value of “innovation creates value”. Professional design, development and production of micro switches, limit switches, toggle switches, foot switches, button switches. Always uphold a highly standardized professional attitude to provide customers with the best products. With continuous design innovation, we research and develop trendy electronic switch products in the market to meet customer needs.

Textile machinery

Micro switches are used for automatic control and safety protection in equipment that requires frequent switching of circuits, and are widely used in textile machinery, electronic equipment, instrumentation, mining, power systems, household appliances, electrical equipment, as well as aerospace, aviation, ships. , missiles, tanks and other military fields have been widely used in the above fields. Although the switch is small, it plays an irreplaceable role.

Automobile workshop

The limit switch can be widely used in the control and limit of the spatial three-coordinate of lifting and transmission machinery in the construction, port, mining and other industries. The limit switch is composed of a high-precision large transmission ratio reducer and a mechanical memory synchronized with its output shaft. Composed of control mechanism and sensor, WTAU series limit switches are widely used in construction machinery due to the characteristics of small size, multiple functions, high precision, adjustable limit, strong versatility, and convenient maintenance, installation and use and adjustment.

Medical apparatus and instruments

The foot switch is used to operate the circuit by stepping on or stepping on it, and it can also be used to control the switch of the output current. The foot switch is a switch that controls the on-off of the circuit by stepping on or stepping on it. The foot switch is a switch that controls the on-off of the circuit by stepping on or stepping on it. Foot switches are widely used in medical equipment, stamping equipment, welding equipment, textile equipment, and printing machinery.

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