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How to choose the right toggle switch

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Toggle switch material table:

1. Iron shell (material: generally iron; treatment process: through nickel electroplating or blackening process to prevent it from oxidation. (Our products can be treated with salt spray for 24, 48, 72 hours)

2. terminals (material: generally brass; processing technology: electroplating silver)

3. Insulation bottom plate (material: bakelite; processing technology: stamping forming)

4. Contact chip (material: generally phosphor bronze; processing technology: electroplating silver or pressing silver)

5.Round wave beads (material: generally stainless steel; processing technology: electroplating nickel)

6. Decorative oil (material: a kind of red oil or green oil chemical oil, smear on the contact part between the terminal and the bottom plate, play a decorative role. General requirements, environmental protection)

Electrical performance specifications

1. Contact resistance test: test below a small current (100mA). Requirements: Must be less than 100 milliohms.

2. Insulation resistance test: Input 500V DC voltage for 1 minute, and test according to the following contact methods: (1) Between the contact terminals. (2) Between the rubber seat and the row pins. Requirements: It must reach more than 100 megohms.

3 Withstand voltage test: input AC 500V (50-60Hz) voltage, the sensitivity current is 0.5mA for 1 minute, and test according to the following contact methods: (1) Between the pins (2) Requirements between the pins and the shell: no insulation Destruction etc.

 Mechanical performance specifications

1. The normal force of action is: general force 250+100gf, 180gf+80gf (according to customer requirements)

2. Terminal strength: increase the strength (500gf) on the tip in any direction for 1 minute. There is no abnormality such as cracking or loosening in the row feet. Requirements: Satisfy mechanical and electrical performance.

3. Test standard status: test temperature, humidity and air pressure as follows: (1) Temperature is 5°C~35°°C (2) Humidity is 45%~85% (3) Air pressure is 80Kpa~106Kpa


1. Solderability test: the top of the terminal is immersed in the soldering pool 1mm deep, the temperature is 230+5℃, the time is 3+0.5 seconds,

Note: (1) Welding time should be less than 3 seconds. (2) The welding area should be more than 80%.

2.Soldering resistance test: the temperature should be controlled at 260+5°C during welding in the furnace, the furnace passing time should be 3+0.5 seconds, and the thickness of the substrate should be 1.0mm. The temperature should be controlled at 350+5°C during hand welding. The time is 3+0.5 seconds, and the requirements: must satisfy the body without deformation, and satisfy the mechanical and electrical energy.


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