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What are the common limit switches?

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Limit switch variety, its model is not clear here; Limit switch is commonly divided into mechanical and electronic induction type, photoelectric type three, although they work in different principles, but its role is exactly the same, are used to detect the mobile electrical equipment operating position of a device. The mechanical limit switch, commonly known as the travel switch or position switch, has the same function as the control button. It can convert the mechanical displacement signal into an electrical signal, but the action of the contact is not manually pressed, but the mechanical displacement of some moving parts of the production equipment is used to impact the switch, so that the contact action can complete the control of a circuit on or off. To control mechanical action or program execution. If the travel switch is installed at the end of the working machine to limit its travel, it is called a limit switch, or end switch.

Travel switch according to different uses can be divided into two categories: one is the general purpose travel switch, mainly used for machine tools, automatic production lines and other production machinery limit and program control, the other is the lifting equipment with travel switch, mainly used to limit the crane and various metallurgical auxiliary equipment travel. Travel switch according to the structural form can be divided into push-button type, single wheel rotary, double wheel rotary three, its working principle is basically the same. The structure and working process of travel switch is composed of four parts: operating mechanism, base, shell and switch core.

The photoelectric switch has diffuse type, reflector type, and so on. Diffuse type requires only one sensor to complete the transmission and reception, while reflector type requires two sensors, one transmitting and one receiving. Photoelectric switch also has NPN and PNP models, but in addition to the photoelectric switch also has dry junction points, can be connected to any kind of PLC.

Electronic induction switch commonly known as proximity, proximity switch according to the working principle can be divided into the following types. 

1.high-frequency oscillation type: used to detect all kinds of metal.

2.Capacitive type: used to detect all kinds of conductive or non-conductive liquid or solid.

3.photoelectric type: used to detect all opaque materials.

4. Ultrasonic type: used to detect substances that do not penetrate ultrasonic waves.

5.electromagnetic induction type: used to detect magnetic or non-magnetic metals.


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