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Description of limit switch Z7 series

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1. Long life using high efficiency coil spring switch device, mechanical life is more than 10 million times.

2. High mechanical strength, compact, lightweight. The attachment spacing of 25.4mm is the same as that of the Z reference model micro switch. The outer cover is made of strong plastic with good mechanical properties and secured with M4 screws.

3. It has great cushioning and damping effect on large super range.

4. The switch itself has dustproof and oilproof structure. The switch body is sealed by compressed rubber ring and film.

Used for food processing, automatic loading, machine tool, transmission machine, processor sequence control. When the installation space is limited and the protection level is required, it can be ideal for light industrial machinery.

Actuator type AZ7100, long push plunger AZ7110, link rod AZ7120, roller rod AZ7121, unidirectional roller rod AZ7124, link short rod AZ7140, link short rod AZ7141, unidirectional short roller rod AZ7144, unidirectional short roller rod AZ7310, panel mounted roller plunger AZ7311, Panel mounting roller plunger AZ7312, retractable rod AZ7166

1. About your surroundings

1) Because the wiring end cover is not completely closed structure, when the switch is to be used in places with more oil, please open the hole at the bottom of the outer cover that can drain water.

2) Avoid high acid or high alkaline fluid places, or high temperature places.

3) This type of switch uses silver terminal. Therefore, if it is used for a long time in low frequency operation or very small load, oxidation will form on the surface of the contact and will not disappear, which will eventually cause contact failure. In this case, gold/metal contacts (VL limit switch) should be used.

4) This switch is not designed for underwater use, do not use this device underwater.

5) In order to improve the reliability in actual use, please try to confirm the quality under actual use conditions.

6) After starting the switch, if the actuator (O.T) runs in a larger amplitude than necessary, it will increase the wear of the movable parts, make it run fatigue and shorten its service life. It is best used with an adequate allowance of 70% of the O.T. standard value.

7) Do not use in air containing silicon. Such as in silicone series rubber, adhesive, sealant, oil, lubricating oil or wire in the case of silicification.

8) Avoid use in dusty environment, it will hinder the action of the actuator.

9) In the outdoor (three-dimensional parking lot, etc., accept the mouth light irradiation or may be sprayed to the rain place) or ozone environment, affected by these effects, will cause the deterioration of rubber materials. Please consult the company when using in the above environment.

10) Please avoid storing the product in places where organic gas may be produced and where there is more dust or high humidity.


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