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The reason for the large-scale application of micro switch is analyzed

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Micro switch is a micro contact interval and fast moving mechanism, with the specified stroke and the specified force for switching action of the contact mechanism, covered by the shell, the external drive rod of a switch, because the switch contact spacing is relatively small, so the name of micro switch, also known as sensitive switch.

Also known as sensitive switch, fast switch. Pressure actuated quick on/off. Used for door switch in anti-theft system

A micro switch, as the name suggests, uses a very small amount of force to switch. It is a switch in which the external mechanical force acts on the action reed through the transmission element to make the fixed contact at its end quickly connect or disconnect with the moving contact. The micro switch has a small contact interval and a quick mechanism, with the specified stroke and force for switching action of the contact mechanism, is covered by the shell, the external transmission, and the shape is small. Microswitches are composed of five major components. The contact spacing is small and the torque is large. Generally external drive rod.

Since the switch was just used in the 1930s, people have been upgrading and updating it constantly. As a result, we can see more types of switches being used in more and different fields. Because of their existence, our life becomes high quality and comfortable, and our work becomes easier and convenient. But each type of switch in the sensitivity can not be underestimated, often so gently press, a variety of linked processes will run up methodically.

Of course, the micro of the micro switch does not mean the small force, but the emphasis on the sensitivity of the switch, when we press the switch, the components within it can quickly complete the action. It can be seen that the micro switch is very convenient in use. It is because these small parts have created unlimited convenience and possibility for our life, the application of various switches will naturally gradually scale up!

Micro switch in the need to frequently change the circuit of the equipment for automatic control and safety protection, widely used in electronic equipment, instruments, mines, power systems, household appliances, electrical equipment, as well as aerospace, aviation, ships, missiles, tanks and other military fields, has been widely used in the above fields, the switch is small, but plays an irreplaceable role.

It can be used in computer mouse, automobile mouse, automobile electronic products, communication equipment, military products, test instruments, gas water heater, gas stove, small household appliances, microwave oven, rice cooker, float equipment, medical equipment, building automation, electric tools and general electrical and radio equipment, 24 hour timer and so on.


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