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The working principle of foot switch, connected to the motor wiring diagram

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Foot switch is a type of switch, mainly through the foot to operate the circuit switch, can also control the size of the current, most of us have not touched the foot switch. Because the foot switch is mainly used in medical instruments and stamping equipment.

Principle of foot switch

Foot switch is a kind of foot or step to control the circuit switch, used in the hands can not reach the control circuit to replace the hands to achieve the purpose of operation. Simple foot switch is actually a built-in travel switch, when the foot gives a signal, switch execution. But in the field of welding foot switch function also plays the role of controlling the output current size.

This type of foot switch can also be divided into two categories: one, mechanical foot switch; Two, induction type foot switch. Mechanical foot switch is the traditional rack and pinion drive, induction is through the principle of electromagnetic induction. Foot switch HRF-M series, HRF-H series from the structure and function of H type (15A/250V opening and closing capacity) and M type (10A/250V opening and closing capacity), distinguish from the material with flame retardant engineering plastics, steel plate, aluminum alloy.

There is a micro switch inside the foot switch, micro switch has normally open and normally closed 2 groups of contacts, when the foot pedal pressure pressure micro switch, the normally open contact closed contact is closed, the general application is in the normally open contact connection, to the foot switch.

Foot switch characteristics

surface spray coating, impact resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance (180 degrees) excellent performance. 2. The cable leading part is provided with the cable head, so the effect of waterproof, oil-proof and anti-impact is outstanding. 3, the cable length standard configuration is 2 meters, M type is 0.5 square; Type H 0.75 square. 4, built-in micro switch to obtain UL, VDE, TUV, CE, CCC certification. 5. The built-in microswitch contact is plated with 24K gold. 6, “H” type to achieve IP65 protection level. 7. All models have passed CE certification and obtained CCC certification of Chinese product safety.

Foot switch precautions

According to the nature of the load and the current value, please pay attention to the rated load of the product. 2, handling and moving, please pay attention to the occurrence of short circuit, open circuit and other phenomena of internal wiring. 3, use in a large amount of water, oil, dust and other places, please pay attention to the protection level of the product. 4, heavy pressure and impact is the direct cause of product damage, please be careful when using.


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