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What is a travel switch? How does the travel switch work?

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1、What is a travel switch

The stroke switch is also known as the position switch or limit switch, and its role is the same as the button, but the action of the stroke switch contact is to use the stopper on some moving parts of the production machinery to collide with its roller so that the contact action can be switched on or off some circuits, which is used to control the direction of movement of the production machinery, the size of the stroke or the position protection. The button requires us to manually operate in order to make it move the contact action.

2、How does the travel switch work?

Commonly used stroke switches are bump block, linear and roller. Roller type is divided into automatic recovery type and non-automatic recovery type. Non-automatic recovery requires bumping the moving parts when they run in reverse to reset them.
The working principle of the ram type and the roller type travel switch is basically the same.

In actual work, the travel switch is installed in a pre-arranged position, when the production mechanical moving parts impact the outside actuator of the travel switch, the internal contact of the travel switch acts to realize the circuit switching. It is used to control the motion stroke of the workpiece or to protect the terminal limit to avoid collision accidents.

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