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Toggle switch installation method and precautions

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Toggle switch is a manual control switch, mainly used for on-off control of AC and DC power circuits, but generally can also be used in circuits of several kilohertz or up to 1 MHz. It has the characteristics of small size and convenient operation, and is a commonly used switch in electronic equipment. The following will introduce the installation method and precautions of the toggle switch.

1. Installation method of toggle switch

The actual operating parts of the toggle switch are two-position and three-position. The three-position power switch will have inaccurate positioning on one side. In addition, there are many types of connected power circuits. There are various types of button handles of toggle switches, such as metal material cone handle, plastic cone handle, fluorescent button handle, plastic sleeve button handle, spherical button handle, flat rod button handle, locking lever button handle, Wave button handle, paddle button handle, etc. The lock lift handle is suitable for use in risky real-world operations.

There is also an “exceptional lift and open” type button handle, which is added with spring yellow, and the end of the screw branch has a milling groove. The actual operating staff must first lift the button handle and then lead it to another part to ensure safe work. The middle is the three-phase five-wire, and the two sides are the group outlet. When the button is pushed into the left side, the front paw in the middle and the right side are connected, and the front paw in the middle and the left side are connected when the button is pushed into the right side.

Second, the button switch precautions

1. First of all, the appropriate type of power switch and connector should be selected according to the application standard and function.

2. The power switch, the rated current of the connector, and the amount of current should leave a certain capacity.

3. In order to better touch reliability, the contact points of the power switch and the number of lines of the connector should have a certain capacity, which is convenient for series application or reservation.

4. Use connectors with precise positioning as much as possible to prevent common faults caused by wrong insertion.

  • 5.The wiring and welding of contact points are reliable. In order to avoid disconnection and short-circuit faults, waterproof casing should be added to the welding place for maintenance.


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