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The difference between mechanical limit switch and inductive limit switch

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Switch: A switch means on and off, and it refers to an electronic component that can open a circuit, interrupt current, or cause it to flow to other circuits. The principle of the switch is that the contact (closed) means that the electronic contact is conducting and allows current to flow; (open) means that the electronic contact is not conducting to form an open circuit, which does not allow current to flow. Ordinary switches are widely used in South China and North China. The most common switches of Shanghai Jiafeng Electronics are electromechanical devices that are operated by people, which have one or several electronic contacts.

The limit switch mainly has a stopper pressing the contact of the limit switch, then the normally open in the limit switch becomes normally closed, and the normally closed becomes normally open. This kind of switch is generally used in the limit of two extremes of a moving object. position, because the mechanical failure of this switch is relatively low, and the requirements for the use environment are not high, so it is widely used. Inductive limit switch, generally through the object approaching the limit switch, there is an induction normally open to normally closed, normally closed to normally open. However, the environment used by this switch is a bit more demanding, so it is not as widely used as a mechanical limit switch. If I remember correctly, inductive limit switches are generally used to detect displacement or pressure on cylinders and other components.

From the perspective of use, the mechanical limit switch is simple in structure, low in cost, not very sensitive to control requirements, general environmental requirements, and inductive type is sensitive to environmental requirements, specific problems are analyzed and solved in detail, and the cost is high. (For example, the mixing station uses a mechanical type, and the paver uses an induction type.) For reference only.


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