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ZJSHUYI what is a switch

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The word switch is interpreted as on and off. It also refers to an electronic component that can open a circuit, interrupt current, or cause it to flow to other circuits. The most common switches are human-operated electromechanical devices that have one or more electrical contacts. “Closed” of the contact means that the electronic contact is conducting, allowing current to flow; “open” of the switch means that the electronic contact is not conducting to form an open circuit, and current is not allowed to flow.

basic structure

The simplest switch has two pieces of metal called “contacts”. When the two contacts are in contact, the current forms a loop, and when the two contacts are not in contact, the current opens. The degree of corrosion resistance of the contact metal should be considered when selecting the contact metal, as most metals oxidize to form insulating oxides that prevent the contact from functioning properly. The selection of contact metal also needs to consider factors such as its electrical conductivity, hardness, mechanical strength, cost and whether it is toxic. Corrosion-resistant metals are sometimes plated on the contacts. Generally, it is plated on the contact surface of the contact to avoid affecting its performance due to oxides. Sometimes non-metallic conductive materials, such as conductive plastics, are also used for the contact surface. In addition to the contacts in the switch, there will also be movable parts to make the contacts conductive or non-conductive. The switches can be divided into lever switches, key switches, boat switches, etc. according to the different movable parts, and the movable parts can also be Other types of mechanical linkages.

main classification

Classified by use: wave switch, band switch, recording and playback switch, power switch, pre-selection switch, limit switch, control switch, transfer switch, isolation switch, travel switch, wall switch, intelligent fire switch, etc.

According to the structure classification: micro switch, rocker switch, toggle switch, toggle switch, push button switch, key switch, as well as fashionable membrane switches, point switches.

Classification according to contact type: switches can be divided into three types: a-type contact, b-type contact and c-type contact according to the contact type. The contact type refers to the relationship between the operation status and the contact state of “the contact is closed after the switch is operated (pressed)”. It is necessary to select a switch with an appropriate contact type according to the application.

According to the number of switches: single-control switch, double-control switch, multi-control switch, dimmer switch, speed control switch, splash-proof box, doorbell switch, induction switch, touch switch, remote control switch, smart switch, card power switch, Yuba special switch.


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