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The Magical Use of Micro Switches in Life

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For example, the mobile phone that we do not leave our hands every day has a micro switch on its body. Smartphones will have volume keys and switches, which are also an evolutionary form of microswitches. There are also our computer mice, car mice, communication equipment, gas water heaters, microwave ovens, medical equipment, building automation, etc., which are inseparable from the role of micro switches.

Every time our mouse clicks, the mouse micro switch performs a current on-off operation. Every switch of our water heater is also realized by a micro switch. The switches of some sockets are also micro switches, and there are many large-scale instruments. The control buttons also utilize microswitches. Every day, we are in various contact with the micro switch.

Many times we do not feel the existence of micro switches, because there are many different types of micro switches, and they can be presented in different forms in different use environments. Through the pressing accessories of the micro switch, the micro switch can be divided into button type, reed roller type, lever roller type, short/long boom type, etc.

According to the needs of people’s life, more types of micro switches will be developed to adapt to different work scenarios. It is precisely because of the various micro switches that our life has become more convenient now.


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