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ZJSHUYI CSK series #microswitch (magnetic blow switch)

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CSK Series Magnetic #Switch is a nationalize product made according to the technical of Germany Schaltbau.This #switch is used to control all kind of high voltage #switch operating instruction’s #switch closing and making,lock and unlocked,signal return and second return.The #switch is made up of shell,actuator,mounting,contact areas and terminals.CSK Series Magnetic Switch is widely used in AC control circuit of 50Hz,with a voltage up to 380V and a rated current8A or in DC control circuits with a voltage up to 220V and rated current DC-5A.

His characteristic is the inner of #switch has a one block instant move structure, itis valid, blowout few flexible operating, slight, the contacts are made of silver-base Alloy, and itself is made of high quality project plastic, which is a wide range of contacts, easy to radiate. The material of shell is made of PC. It has a high mechanical strength,good in heat-resistant, cold-resistant,anti-aging and good in electrical features.

CSK series is a #microswitch and a magnetic blow #switch.Let’s talk about the magnetic blower switch.The magnetic blowing switch is to add a magnetic blowing device on the basis of the quick-action switch, which solves the problem of poor arc extinguishing of the ordinary quick-action switch. Magnetic blowing arc extinguishing is under the action of a magnetic blowing line connected in series with the contact due to the generated magnetic field, the arc is elongated by the action of electromagnetic force, and is blown into the arc extinguishing cover composed of solid medium, and is in contact with the solid medium. , the arc is cooled and extinguished.

The reed switch in the magnetic blow switch, also known as the magnetron, is a switching element controlled by the magnetic field holding signal. When there is no word, the circuit is disconnected and can be used to detect mechanical movement or circuit conditions. In the working state, the two yellow pieces in the glass tube are not in contact. There is a magnetic switch that is a closed plastic tube or metal with a multi-point or one-point magnetic reed switch. The ball reed switch and the floating ball are controlled at the relevant positions by the fixed ring. The floating ball can open and close the floating switch within a certain range. The magnet in the floating ball attracts the nodes of the reed switch to generate, and there is a This kind of magnetic switch is often said, and the switch is also called a door magnetic switch or an induction switch. It has a standard size. The plastic shell will lead out the yellow tube crown wind in the black shell, and the other half of the plastic shell with magnets is fixed on the other side. At one end, when a magnetic substance is close to the switch with a wire, the switch will send a switch signal at a distance of about ten millimeters.


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