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ZJSHUYI Classification of #buttonswitches

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The #buttonswitch is divided into several categories according to different functions. The purpose is to realize diversified control through one installation, which can reduce the connection of the circuit and facilitate the use of the user. Therefore, when using it, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the wiring, and at the same time, check the equipment controlled by the switch to ensure that the direct connection with the switch is stable, and at the same time, the function of the switch can be realized. In this way, the use of #buttonswitches is meaningful.

1. Splash-proof knob #switch

The panel installation adopts the splash-proof type sealed by “O” ring, and the button handle is spherical, so it is a splash-proof ball button handle #toggleswitch. Its terminals are in-line, and the bottom of the terminals is sealed with epoxy resin. Strong corrosion resistance, suitable for auto parts

2. Vertically mounted right-angle #toggleswitch

The terminal is installed vertically and the terminal pins are at right angles, so the right-angle #toggleswitch is installed vertically. Its contacts are made of gold-plated material, which is highly reliable. It is mostly used in anti-theft equipment and police system.

3. Bipolar single #toggleswitch

The #switch disconnects the phase line and the N line at the same time, and controls a branch, so it is a bipolar single #toggleswitch. The contact is in the form of 3PDT, which is mostly used for multimedia speakers and audio.

4. Standard surface mount screwless #toggleswitch

The terminal adopts a standard mounting form, and its sleeve has no thread, which is called a standard surface mount screwless #toggleswitch. The contacts are single-pole, double-throw, and it has an electrical life of up to 55,000 cycles. Mostly used for medical equipment.

5. Horizontal installation of right-angle #toggleswitches

Compared with the vertical switch, it only changes the direction to the horizontal, so the right-angle #toggleswitch is installed horizontally. The contacts are double-pole, double-throw, with Epoxy Seal on the bottom of the terminal. Mostly used for computer peripherals.

According to the purpose of the #buttonswitch, it is mainly divided into the above five types for the convenience of use. When purchasing, you can refer to this article for purchase according to the purpose.


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