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ZJSHUYI How to install the #microswitch

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How to install the #microswitch First, use a blade to remove the four feet of the mouse chassis, revealing four screws, and then use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the four screws, so that the shell of the mouse can be opened and the internal structure of the mouse can be seen. Then remove the mouse wheel from it. Because the mechanical structure of the mouse is different, you need to explore the way to remove it. Do not disassemble it violently, otherwise the mouse wheel will be scrapped.

Next, the circuit board of the mouse can be disassembled. Generally, there are several clips around the circuit board to fix the circuit board, and the circuit board can be taken out by gently tilting the clips. The mouse is fixed with screws, and some have no clips or screws, and are only fixed by the upper and lower shells.


Precautions for using #microswitches

1.When fixing the switch body, use M2 small screws on the smooth surface with a torque of 0.098N·m or less. In addition, in order to prevent the screw from loosening again, it is recommended to use a washer at the same time.

2. Please note that in the free state, the action body should not directly exert force on the button or the inciter, and the force should be applied in the horizontal direction to the button when using it.

3. The operation setting after operation is based on 70[%] or more of the O.T. value. In the case of a switch, do not set the action body at the action limit position to prevent the life from being shortened by the opening and closing and over-travel caused by the shock.

4. In the case of hand soldering, please use an electric temperature of 320°C with temperature adjustment, and complete the work within 3 seconds, and be careful not to apply force to the terminal part during the work.

5.It is recommended to use a low-power circuit type when used under a small current and voltage.

#Microswitch installation site

1. Please do not use the switch alone in flammable gas, explosive gas and other environments. Arc and heat generated during opening and closing may cause fire or explosion.・The switch is not waterproof and sealed, so use a protective cover to prevent direct droplets where oil or water is splashed, scattered, or where dust adheres.

2. Install the switch in a location where it will not directly touch chips or dust. It must be ensured that chips and mud-like substances do not accumulate on the actuating lever and switch body.

3. Please do not use it in a place with hot water (above +60°C) and in water vapor.・Please do not use the switch at outside temperature or outside air conditions. Different models allow different ambient temperatures. (Please confirm the specifications in this article). If there is a rapid temperature change, thermal shock can cause the switch to loosen and cause a malfunction.

4. When the operator accidentally installs the switch in a place prone to malfunction or accident, please install a cover.

5. When the switch is subjected to continuous vibration and shock, the generated wear powder may cause problems such as poor contact, malfunction of the contacts, and decreased durability. In addition, excessive vibration and shock may cause malfunction or breakage of the contacts. Therefore, install it in a location where vibration and shock will not occur and in a direction where resonance does not occur.

6. When using silver contact, if it is used for a long time at low frequency or with a small load, the sulfide film generated on the surface of the contact will not be destroyed, resulting in poor contact contact. Therefore, please use gold-plated contacts and switches for small loads.

7. Please do not use the switch in vicious gas such as sulfide gas (H2S, SO2), ammonia gas (NH3), nitric acid gas (HNO3), chlorine gas (Cl2) and high temperature and humidity environment, so as to avoid damage caused by poor contact and corrosion. and other dysfunctions.

8. If there is silicon gas in the environment, the arc energy will cause silicon oxide (SiO2) to accumulate on the contacts, resulting in poor contact. When there are silicone products such as silicone oil, silicone filler, and silicone wires around the switch, use a contact protection circuit to suppress arcing and eliminate the source of silicon gas.


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