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ZJSHUYI Installation of #travelswitch

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#Travelswitch is also called the main switch, it is the mechanical signal into electrical signals, in order to control the travel of moving parts. The commonly used #travelswitch has two kinds of rolling and direct. The inner structure of the #travelswitch is the same as the ordinary manual button and pedal button, but the outer operating mechanism is different in form, including rotary and push. When the motion mechanism runs in place, the operating mechanism of the #travelswitch is touched to drive the internal switch contact to open and close. It can be installed on relatively static objects (such as fixed frame, door frame, etc., referred to as still life) or moving objects (such as cars, doors, etc., referred to as animals). When the animal approaches the still life, the connecting rod of the switch drives the contact of the switch causing the closed contact to break or the open contact to close. The action of circuit and mechanism is controlled by the change of open and close state of switch contact.

When installing the #travelswitch, check whether the stopper collides with the #travelswitch head when it is in place, and must not collide with the middle or other parts of the #travelswitch. When installing or inspecting the #travelswitch, fix it firmly, and turn the action head of the #travelswitch by hand, listen carefully to the sound, and check if there is a “pop” sound. If not, turn on the #travelswitch and adjust the micro-movement with the action shaft switch screw. The #travelswitch generally has four contact points, which are divided into two groups. One group is normally open contact, and the other is normally closed contact. When the #travelswitch has no action, the normally open contact is a normally open contact. Closed contacts, normally open contacts when stationary, normally open contacts when stationary, and normally closed contacts when stationary. The #travelswitch is also called a #limitswitch or a position switch. It is a control appliance that switches the working state of the circuit according to the stroke position of the moving parts. The action principle of the #travelswitch is similar to that of the control button, and it is widely used in automation devices such as machine tools, cranes, and lifting devices.

#Travelswitch installation precautions

1. The installation position should be accurate and the installation should be firm; the direction of the roller should not be reversed, the position where the block iron collides with the control circuit should meet the requirements of the control circuit, and ensure that it can reliably collide with the block iron.

2. Regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out during use to remove grease and dust, clean the contacts, and often check whether their movements are flexible and reliable, and troubleshoot in time. Prevent equipment and personal safety accidents caused by misoperation due to poor contact of the #travelswitch contacts or loose wiring.

3. Depending on where you use it, if the use environment is harsh, you should also pay attention to choosing a higher IP level. The #travelswitch can be subdivided into #travelswitches and #microswitches. Like the electric power industry, the arc-extinguishing limit switch with magnetic blowing is generally used, which can withstand relatively large DC current.

4. If it is used to limit the position, then connect the normally closed contact of the switch and the control circuit in series; if it is used to connect other circuits, then connect the normally open contact of the switch to the corresponding control line in series . In fact, the #travelswitch is the same as the ordinary button switch.

5. The live wire of the 20V power supply is connected to the common point of the #travelswitch, and it is connected to the normally open or normally closed point depending on your application, and then connected to the A1 point of the contactor; A2 point is connected to the neutral wire. Install the switch at the position that needs to be limited, adjust the contact distance, and then string the normally closed contacts of the switch into the control circuit, that is, the installation is complete.


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