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What is the difference between a travel switch and a proximity switch

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The travel switch is a commonly used small current master electrical appliance. Use the collision of the production machinery moving parts to make the contacts move to realize the connection or disconnection of the control circuit to achieve a certain control purpose. Usually, this type of switch is used to limit the position or stroke of mechanical movement, so that the moving machinery can automatically stop, reverse movement, variable speed movement or automatic round-trip movement according to a certain position or stroke.

1. Different functions

A proximity switch is a switch without contacts, which has a long service life and is suitable for use as a pass-through signal. The travel switch is also called the limit switch, both of which are position switches, but the travel switch can detect the travel and can also be used as an input signal control circuit.

2. Different installation objects

The travel switch mounts it on a stationary or moving object. The proximity switch is composed of an oscillator and a processing circuit. It uses an inductive head that oscillates when a metal object approaches, which generates an eddy current inside the object.

3. Different triggering methods.

Limit switch. When the animal approaches the still life, the link of the switch drives the contacts of the switch to cause the closed contacts to open or the open contacts to close. The action of the circuit and the mechanism is controlled by the change of the open and closed state of the switch contact. Inductive proximity switch is a kind of position sensor with switching output. It consists of LC high-frequency oscillator and amplifying processing circuit. When a metal object approaches the oscillating induction head that can generate an electromagnetic field, eddy currents are generated inside the object. This eddy current reacts to the proximity switch, attenuates the oscillation ability of the proximity switch, and changes the parameters of the internal circuit, thereby identifying whether there is a metal object approaching, and then controlling the on or off of the switch.


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