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Judgment method of the quality of the rocker switch

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The first is to start with the copper sheet of the rocker switch.

1. Check the size of the copper sheet under the same material conditions, the longer the rocker switch, the better (because the size of the socket interval depends on the length of the copper sheet, the wider the jack spacing, the easier it is to plug and unplug at the same time).

2. Look at the thickness of the copper sheet, the better, (the elasticity of the copper sheet will affect the life of the socket)

3. See if the copper sheet is a one-time formed copper sheet, it is best to use a whole piece of copper to further weaken the link breakage and rivet heating.

4. Contact method of socket copper sheet and plug conductive sheet: A: point contact: B: surface contact: using surface contact is always more conductive and safer than point contact (point contact is prone to sparks and copper The piece is easier to loosen)

The second is the choice of flame retardant rear seats:

1. Use a lighter to burn the back seat, the lower the probability of extinguishing, the better (the higher the safety).

2. Only ablation but not extinguished is the best.

3. The smaller the odor, the better, and the sooner the odor disappears, the better. (less harmful substances)

The third is the choice of rocker and support head:

1. The strong spring support head is always better than the rubber head support (because the rubber head support lubricant will wear after drying, which will cause the switch to be insensitive and stuck (slip off) phenomenon.

2. The bigger the rocker, the better (because the bigger the rocker, the better the heat dissipation)

3. Full silver plating of rockers is always better than partial silver plating and no silver plating at all (because silver is always more conductive than copper)

  • 4.Look at the size of the rocker contact (of course, the material is more important, but as a general owner, you can’t see the material, so I won’t talk about it) The bigger the contact, the better.


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