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How is the snap action mechanism of the micro switch set?

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With the continuous advancement of our domestic industrialization process, various electrical appliances can be said to occupy our lives and bring us a lot of convenience. For the components in home appliances, the micro switch is an indispensable one, and the internal quick-action mechanism is the key. So how is the quick-action mechanism of the micro-switch set?

At present, domestic manufacturers value the sensitivity and safety of micro switches. The quick-action mechanism is the key to guaranteeing these two points. The quick-action mechanism can transfer one fixed contact to another fixed contact very well, and this process is actually not affected by our operating speed, so that it can give the operator more flexibility. And if it is a guillotine switch, if we quickly operate the handle, the subsequent actions will become very fast, but the speed of operating the handle is actually not much related to the speed between the contacts, so we can It is very good to reduce the damage between the contacts, thus maintaining the stability of our equipment.

But when the device is in a closed circuit, if the speed of the switch becomes very fast, then the energy between the contacts will become very large, which will form a very obvious jump phenomenon, so we need to try our best to Avoid this from happening.

The snap-action mechanism of the micro switch is the key to the internal performance during the guarantee period. Therefore, many manufacturers of micro switches are now optimizing this aspect, which makes the current micro switches tend to be more functional. , thereby adding added value to more practical applications.


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