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What are the different types of toggle switches?

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A toggle switch is an electrical switch that is actuated by moving a lever back and forth to open or close a circuit. There are two basic types: maintained contact switches and momentary toggle switches.

1. A hold-contact switch changes its position when activated and will remain in that position until activated again, such as an on/off function.

2. Momentary toggle switch will only activate when someone operates the switch.

Our ZJSHUYI designs and manufactures various toggle switches with multiple mounting options. Our broad product portfolio includes toggle switches with different actuator styles and current ranges from 3 to 20 amps, as well as different load carrying capacity and locking combinations. Additionally, we offer switches with and without guards to prevent accidental switching, as well as individual switches and complete switch assemblies with additional sealed enclosures. Because of their ease of operation, toggle switches are used in a variety of applications, including military/aerospace, commercial, factory and industrial engineering, instrumentation, and medical equipment.

As a basic electronic component, toggle switches come in a variety of sizes and designs for different settings.

Internal contacts are made from a variety of conductive metals, including brass, copper, and silver, and are usually plated with gold or nickel. Toggle switches also offer different levels of contact resistance (i.e. sensitivity to current flow) and different maximum current ratings.

Types of toggle switches that we have in Zhejiang Shuyi Co., Ltd.:

Single pole single throw SPST ON-OFF

Single pole double throw SPDT ON-ON

Single pole double throw type intermediate stop type SPDT ON-OFF-ON

Double pole single throw type DPST ON-OFF

Double pole double throw type DPDT ON-ON

Double pole double throw type intermediate stop type DPDT ON-OFF-ON

Unipolar one-way automatic reset type

Unipolar bidirectional automatic reset type

Bipolar unidirectional automatic reset type

Bipolar bidirectional automatic reset type

Three-pole single-throw type

Three-pole double-throw type

Three-pole double-throw intermediate stop type

Three-pole one-way automatic reset type

Three-pole bidirectional automatic reset type


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