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The difference between positioning switch, travel switch and induction switch

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A positioning switch is an electrical component used in electromechanical equipment to detect the moving position of mechanical parts. Usually a positioning switch can only determine a specific important position point.

For example, the travel switch used in machine tools, cranes and other equipment in the factory is an important type of positioning switch. In these devices, a normally closed mechanical switch is generally placed on the running part or at the two ends of the track of the running part. When the running part runs to the stroke end point, the running part and the end point collide, and the normally closed switch will be disconnected, thereby cutting off the power of the running part (and can also output a signal to the control system); in order to protect the running part from colliding damage to other parts of the equipment and cause an accident.

The working principle of the travel switch is: the travel switch is an electrical appliance that switches the circuit according to the travel position of the moving parts, because the travel switch is installed in a pre-arranged position, when the module installed on the moving parts of the production machinery hits the travel switch, The contact action of the travel switch realizes the switching of the circuit.

There are many applications of the travel switch, and it is found in many electrical appliances. It mainly plays the role of chain protection. The most common example is its application in washing machines.

During the dehydration (drying) process of the washing machine, the rotation speed is very high. If someone accidentally opens the door or cover of the washing machine and then puts his hand in it, it is easy to cause harm to people. An electrical contact is installed on the door or cover of the washing machine. Once someone opens the door or cover of the washing machine, the motor will be automatically cut off, and even mechanically linked, so that the door or cover will be “brake” as soon as it is opened, and it will be forced to rotate. stop the parts to avoid personal injury.

The positioning switch can also be a non-mechanical inductive switch, such as an infrared sensor, a proximity switch, and the like. For example, in the previous video tape recorder, the mechanical equipment controlled by the tape cassette is very complicated, and there are a set of infrared sensors at specific positions of tape entry, tape output, and tape loading, which are used to detect whether the tape cassette and video tape are loaded in place. These sensors are very important, and a problem with any one group can cause the recorder to not work properly.


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