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What are the common problems of micro switches

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1. The problem of the cause of the poor contact of the micro switch

The first possibility is the adhesion of dust on copper sheets, switch contact points, etc., it is recommended to use sealed electric switches, the second is the damage of malignant gas in the natural environment, resulting in the formation of an insulating covering film on the surface of the joint, it is recommended to use natural environment adaptability Very good joint material (gold, aluminum alloy, etc.) switch.

After the micro switch is used for a long period of time, the metal fatigue will have a destructive effect on the micro switch. This is because the internal structure of the metal is not uniform, resulting in unbalanced stress transfer; at the same time, there are many tiny cracks at the defects inside the metal. Under the continuous action of the force, the crack will become larger and larger, and the part of the material that can transmit the stress will become less and less, until the remaining part cannot continue to transmit the load, the metal components will be completely destroyed.

2. Even if the micro switch is pressed, the load does not open the problem

There are many reasons for this problem, one may be due to poor contact, the second may be dissolving joints, the third may be damage to the torsion spring of the internal structure, the fourth may be different operating speeds, and the fifth may be the operation Process frequency, sixth possible clinging of waste, dust, actual causes must be checked.

To summarize the microswitch failures:

1) The set value drifts and a false alarm occurs.

2) The inside of the switch is wet, corroded or water enters, causing false alarms.

3) The switch should not report the alarm, and the alarm should not be falsely reported.

4) The fault of the micro switch causes a false alarm.

5) The stability of the switch is not good, and false alarms appear.

6) The leakage or blockage of the switch pressure guiding tube causes the switch to falsely report.


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