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How to repair the poor contact of the toggle switch

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In fact, our TVs, radios, etc. will use toggle switches. I saw a friend ask what is the reason for the poor contact of the toggle switch and how to fix it. The reasons for poor contact of the toggle switch and the repair methods are described below.

To understand how to repair the bad contact of the toggle switch, you must first grasp the structure of the toggle switch, so that you can understand where the damage is and whether it can be repaired. The toggle switch consists of the lower member

1. The casing is nickel-plated (corrosion resistance 12-24 hours)

2. The plastic handle is made of plastic material (materials are divided into POM, PPA, PBT)

3. The chip is made of phosphor copper tape and silver (the loop resistance can be guaranteed below 30 milliohms)

4. The terminal pins are made of gold-plated copper 5. The bottom plate is made of PCB board

6. The torsion spring is composed of high-performance springs imported from Japan

7. The automatic glue dispenser is made of high temperature resistant red glue

8. The wave bead is composed of stainless steel plate wave column;

9. The toggle switch has one gear, two gears, three gears, four gears, five gears, six gears, seven gears, eight gears; there are single and double rows, single and double rows, three rows and so on.

The external reasons for the poor contact of the toggle switch are:

1. The poor contact of the switch causes the circuit to fail.

2. Poor circuit contact (loose or oxidized lamp socket wiring).

3. The power switch is not closed, and the line has no electricity.

The internal reasons are: 1. The filament is disconnected due to excessive vibration.

2. The solder height is not good, there are impurities in the lamp cap or the shrapnel in the lamp mouth is in poor contact.

3. The lamp head leads are welded.

The repair method for the poor contact of the toggle switch:

1. Assuming that the quality of the toggle switch used is relatively poor, it is easy to oxidize and cause poor contact. Assuming that the wear is not severe, it is enough to reciprocate dozens of times. If the cutter head is severely worn, it is best to replace it.

2. Check if the connector is connected wrongly, if yes, connect it from the beginning.

3. The toggle switch of the light is in poor contact. Press the light switch several times to see if it can be turned on during standby. If the light bulb can be turned on when you press the switch, it means that the switch is in poor contact. Generally, the spring inside the switch is aging and elastic. If the composition is deteriorated, the spring should be replaced at this time.

4. All multi-band hand-tuned radios have mechanical frequency band switching switches (such as toggle and rotary, etc.), such switches are very simple and have poor contact, most of which are not switched in place, so it is impossible to tune the station normally. , or frequent treadmill or noise. The repair method is to add liquid lubricating oil to the toggle switch (it can be immersed in oil after welding). If the repair effect is not good, it means that the metal part of the toggle switch has been severely worn, and it can only be replaced at this time.


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