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How to choose a travel switch

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There are many types of travel switches, but the basic structure is the same, mainly composed of three parts: the contact part, the operating part and the reaction force system. According to the different movement characteristics of the operating part, the travel switch can be divided into direct-acting type, roller type, micro-moving type, and automatic reset and non-automatic reset.

When the mechanical movement speed is slow and the current in the controlled circuit is large, considering the difficulty of arc breaking, a fast-acting travel switch can be used. When there are many loops of the controlled object and it is not suitable to install a direct-acting travel switch on the path reached by the production mechanical travel, the master controller type (ie camshaft rotation type) travel switch can be selected. If the working frequency is very high, it is not suitable to install friction blocks on the production machinery, and the reliability and precision are also required to be high, and suitable transistor proximity switches can be considered.

In use, since the travel switch usually works in the moving parts of the machine, it is easy to enter dust and oil and wear out with a long time of use, which may cause the action to be inflexible, and even the circuit cannot be connected. Therefore, the travel switch should be checked regularly. Remove grease and dust, clean the contacts and check whether the action is reliable and troubleshoot frequently, otherwise it will cause production accidents and personal safety accidents.

The choice of the travel switch mainly depends on what occasion you use it in. If the use environment is relatively harsh, you should also pay attention to choosing the one with a higher IP level. The travel switch can be subdivided into direct-acting, roller-type, and micro-acting. In the electric power industry, arc-extinguishing limit switches with magnetic blowing are generally used, which can withstand relatively large DC currents. In addition, there are relatively few anti-riot limit switches, which will not be introduced.

In different countries, you should also pay attention to the certification of the switch


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