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Travel switch kw6 product description

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The soot blower stroke (limit) switch KW6 controls the reciprocating motion and purging rotation of the helical pipe or pipe. The soot blowing process is controlled by the KW6 travel switch of the electrical box at the rear end. After the predetermined number of soot blowing cycles, the control system reverses the motor, the nozzle, the threaded pipe and the cam reverse at the same time, and the valve closes. Next, the guide of the cam

   Guide the front pawl and guide rod to the groove, the nozzle, threaded pipe and cam stop rotating and retreat to the rear limit position, the cam is disengaged from the guide rod, and the pawl continues to rotate counterclockwise until the electronic control system operates and the power supply Disconnect, the cam stops at the starting position. So far, the soot blower has completed a soot blowing process.

KW6-30V0.5A~220V1A Furnace Sootblower Stroke Switch The long and short telescopic sootblower stroke (limit) switch controls the reciprocating motion and purging rotation of the spiral tube or the gun barrel. It is used in stroke control to make the moving equipment and components stop their movement after touching this switch, and play a protective role.

Cold commissioning of short sootblowers

The following is the process of the startup.

(1) Insert the handle into the output shaft at the rear of the motor, and shake the handle to move the spiral tube forward about 100mm.

(2) In order to check the rotation direction of the motor, the motor power must be turned on and off immediately to check the steering of the solenoid.

(3) Check the stop travel (limit) switch, at this time the coil is about 100mm before the end position. If the power is turned on, the solenoid must stop moving when the solenoid moves backward, such as by pressing the stop limit switch by hand.

(4)Check the return travel (limit) switch, press the start button, the coil will move forward. After the set purge rotation has been completed, the coil must be returned to the deactivated position immediately. If not, check the wiring.


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