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Button switch structure principle

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The button switch may be the simplest component in the electrical circuit, but it does control the lifeblood of the entire control circuit, so it is also called the “master switch”. As a novice, a comprehensive understanding of various button switches and clever and flexible use can make us do more with less.

Button switches are used to turn on or off small current circuits in a short time, and are mainly used in electrical control circuits. The current allowed to flow through the button switch is small, generally not more than 5A.

There are many types of button switches, which can be divided into ordinary button type, mushroom head type, self-locking type, self-resetting type, rotary handle type, indicator type, lamp symbol type and key type, etc. button, i button and different combinations. Generally, it adopts a water accumulation structure, which consists of a button cap, a reset spring, a static contact, a moving contact and a shell, etc. It is usually made into a composite type, with a pair of normally closed contacts and a normally open contact. Some products can pass The series connection of multiple elements increases the number of contact pairs. There is also a self-contained button that automatically maintains the closed position when pressed, and can only be opened when power is removed.

When the button is not pressed, the moving contact and the static contact above are connected, and this pair of contacts is called a normally closed contact. At this time, the moving contact is disconnected from the static contact below, and this pair of contacts is called a normally open contact: when the button is pressed, the normally closed contact is disconnected, and the normally open contact is closed; when the button is released, the The original working state is restored under the action of the return spring.

The button is generally composed of a button cap, a return spring, a bridge-type moving contact, a static contact, a strut link and a shell. The opening and closing state of the contacts when the button is not affected by external force (ie static state) is divided into stop button (ie moving and breaking button), start button (ie moving closing button) and reset button (ie moving closing and moving breaking contact combination is integrated button). When the button is under the action of external force, the opening and closing state of the contact changes: the normally open contact under static state is closed, and the normally closed contact under static state is disconnected. The button switch is represented by the symbol “SB”, and it can be divided into three types: normally closed button switch, normally open button switch and composite button switch.


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