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The role of the micro switch in the car

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Automotive switches generally have core components called micro switches. Micro switches have good integration, easy installation, miniaturization, and can be widely used in automotive switches.

Micro switches in cars

Car seat switches and glass lift switches are also widely used in micro switches, such as the following seat switches

It can be seen from the seat switch that the circuit is relatively simple, and it should be directly connected to the seat motor. This switch uses 3 micro switches, and the power is directly turned on or off through the micro switches. ’

The micro switch mainly includes a drive rod, a movable piece, and a static contact.

Drive lever:

As a part of the switch, it transmits the force from the outside to the internal shrapnel structure, and pushes the movable contact to perform the switching action.

Movable film:

Refers to the mechanical part of the switch contact, sometimes called a movable spring. The movable piece contains moving contacts. The high-current switch contacts are generally silver alloys, and silver tin oxide contacts are commonly used. They have good electrical wear resistance, anti-welding resistance and electrical conductivity, and the contact resistance is small and stable.

Contact Spacing:

It is the interval between the static contact and the moving contact, and the effective distance of the switch.

Similarly, each function of the general glass lift switch also corresponds to a micro switch, and the principle is the same, including movable pieces, contact intervals, etc.

To sum up, the micro switch is an external force that acts on the movable piece through the driving components (pressing pins, driving rods, etc.), and when the movable piece is displaced to the critical point, an instantaneous action occurs, so that the movable contact at the end of the movable piece is connected to the movable piece. Static contacts make or break quickly. When the force on the driving part is removed, the movable piece generates a reverse action force, and when the reverse stroke of the driving component reaches the action critical point of the movable piece, the reverse action is completed instantaneously.


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