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The difference between travel switch and photoelectric switch

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The travel switch, also known as the limit switch, can be installed on relatively stationary objects (such as fixed frames, door frames, etc., referred to as still life) or moving objects (such as vehicles, doors, etc., referred to as animals). When the animal approaches the still life, the link of the switch drives the contacts of the switch to cause the closed contacts to open or the open contacts to close. The action of the circuit and the mechanism is controlled by the change of the open and closed state of the switch contact.

A new generation of photoelectric switching devices manufactured by integrated circuit technology and SMT surface mounting process, with intelligent afterburner energy functions such as delay, expansion, external synchronization, anti-interference, high reliability, stable working area and self-diagnosis. This novel photoelectric switch is an active photoelectric detection system electronic switch using segment co-pulse modulation. The cold light sources it uses include infrared light, red light, green light and blue light, etc., which can be non-contact and non-destructive. Quickly and control the state and action of various solids, liquids, transparent bodies, black bodies, soft bodies and smoke.

The contact type travel switch has the disadvantages of low response speed, poor accuracy, easy damage to the detected object and short life when contact detection, while the action distance of the transistor proximity switch is short, and it cannot directly detect non-metallic materials. However, the new vertical photoelectric switch has overcome their above shortcomings, and has small size, multiple functions, long life, high precision, fast response speed, long detection distance and strong resistance to light, electricity and magnetic interference.


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