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The travel switch can also be called a limit switch, which can control the on-off of the circuit through the displacement of other objects. Generally, it is used to limit the position or stroke of mechanical movement.

The travel switch can be installed on a relatively static still life or a relatively moving animal. If there is relative movement between the animal and the still life, the travel switch can sense the displacement between the two and use the connecting rod to drive the switch contact to close or break, so as to complete the action of the control circuit and mechanism.

XCK-M115 stroke switch shell adopts special alloy metal, suitable for AC 50~60HZ: AC380V, DC220V, AC 10A control circuit, as machine tools, machinery automatic control, limited movement, transmission mechanism action or program control.

Can work in the ambient temperature of -25~+40℃; At an altitude of 2000 m; Protection class IP65; Comply with IEC337-1, GB14048.5-2001 standard

Double circuit limited action switch, economical price

The shell is made up of special alloy metal for a strong and durable structure

Small size, waterproof, oil proof

The inner micro switch has double reed structure, longer mechanical life

With a larger OT action

Catheter design for easy wiring

Many kinds of actuators, easy to use, can be freely adjusted to the desired action position

In industrial production, the travel switch can be used with other equipment to form an automatic control system, such as in the control of machine tools, the function of the travel switch is indispensable, which can control the movement of the workpiece and the automatic travel of the tool.

In the actual production, the travel switch is installed in the designed position, when the module installed in the production machinery moving parts hit the travel switch, the contact operation of the travel switch, can realize the circuit switch.


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