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How to fix the bad contact of the toggle switch

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To understand how to repair the bad contact of the toggle switch, you must first grasp the structure of the toggle switch, so that you can understand where the damage is and whether it can be repaired. The toggle switch consists of the following components:

1. The casing is nickel-plated (corrosion resistance 12-24 hours)

2. The plastic handle is made of plastic material (materials are divided into POM, PPA, PBT)

3. The chip is made of phosphor copper tape and silver (the loop resistance can be guaranteed below 30 milliohms)

4. The terminal pins are made of gold-plated copper 5. The bottom plate is made of PCB board

6. The torsion spring is composed of high-performance springs imported from Japan

7. The automatic glue dispenser is made of high temperature resistant red glue

8. The wave bead is composed of stainless steel plate wave column;

9. The toggle switch has one gear, two gears, three gears, four gears, five gears, six gears, seven gears, eight gears; there are single and double rows, single and double rows, three rows and so on.

When repairing the toggle switch, first, check why the contact is bad, turn off the power, and remove the switch box. If the metal shrapnel inside has black spots, it means that it is oxidized, which will lead to poor contact. In this case, you can replace the new metal shrapnel.

The accumulation of dust inside will also lead to poor contact. In this case, clean the dust. In addition, the aging or deformation of the switch will also lead to poor contact. In this case, it is best to replace the new switch.

As can be seen from the above, the toggle switch is not sensitive, basically for the following reasons:

1. The phenomenon of poor contact of the needle corners, which is likely to cause the toggle switch to be insensitive for a while, and it is only necessary to tin the loose needle corners and fix them with electric welding;

2. The rotating bead is moved or damaged, which is likely to cause the toggle switch to lose its function, and only need to be disassembled and replaced for all maintenance;

3.The lever is damaged or broken. Since there are also connected backboards outside the lever of the toggle switch, sometimes it is very likely that the lever will be damaged due to wrong operation, and it will also lead to insensitivity or ineffectiveness.


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