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The difference between proximity switch and travel switch in PLC

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The travel switch is equal to the position switch. Travel switch, a type of position switch (also known as limit switch), is a commonly used small current master electrical appliance. Using the collision of the production machinery moving parts to make the contacts move to realize the connection or disconnection of the control circuit to achieve a certain control purpose. Usually, this type of switch is used to limit the position or stroke of mechanical movement, so that the moving machinery can automatically stop, reverse movement, variable speed movement or automatic round-trip movement according to a certain position or stroke.

The limit switch, also known as the travel switch, can be installed on a relatively static dust bucket body (such as a fixed frame, door frame, etc., referred to as still life) or on a moving object (such as a vehicle, door, etc., referred to as an animal). When the animal approaches the still life, the connecting rod of the switch drives the contacts of the switch to cause the closed contacts to open or the open contacts to close. The circuit and the motor are controlled by the change of the open and closed states of the switch contacts.

The proximity switch is a position switch that can be operated without direct mechanical contact with moving parts. When the object is close to the sensing surface of the switch to the action distance, the switch can be actuated without mechanical contact and any pressure, thereby driving the DC electrical appliance. Or provide control instructions to a computer (plc) device. Proximity switch is a switch type sensor (ie non-contact switch), it has the characteristics of travel switch and micro switch, and has sensing performance, reliable action, stable performance, fast frequency response, long service life, anti-interference Strong ability, etc., and has the characteristics of waterproof, shockproof, corrosion resistance and so on. Products are inductive, capacitive, Hall, AC, DC.

Proximity switch, also known as non-contact proximity switch, is an ideal electronic switch sensor. When the metal detector is close to the sensing area of the switch, the switch can have no contact, no pressure, no sparks, and electrical commands can be issued quickly, which can accurately reflect the position and stroke of the slag grinding motion mechanism, even if it is used for general stroke control, its positioning Accuracy, operating frequency, service life, ease of installation and adjustment, and applicability to harsh environments are unmatched by general mechanical limit switches. It is widely used in machine tool, metallurgy, chemical, textile and printing industries. In the automatic control system, it can be used as limit beam, counting, positioning control and automatic protection links.


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