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Application of electric cooling coat hanger micro switch

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Electric clothes rack: It is a machine that lifts clothes back and forth and is controlled by buttons or remote control. Some products even have hot air blowing and ultraviolet light to ensure clothes dry quickly even on rainy days. It can be said that the electric clothes hanger is a necessary tool at home.

Nowadays, many people like to be clean and wash clothes almost every day. With the improvement of the quality of life, the drying rack has become an essential role. Now more and more electric drying racks are favored by the majority of people. Have to sigh, life is more and more convenient, drying clothes is more and more relaxed. A set of electric clothes hanger equipment will be installed in most families. Micro switch plays a vital role in the electric clothes hanger, ZJSHUYI micro switch has the advantages of long mechanical life, high sensitivity, roller handle can be customized, wear resistance, safety certification complete, quality assurance, fast delivery. Buy micro switch, choose ZJSHUYI, professional and reliable, to provide you with various models of micro switch, you are worth rest assured to buy.

On the other hand, electric clothes hanger, electric clothes hanger not only has the advantage of bearing and remote control, but also has hot and cold wind function, even if it is cloudy and rainy, it can still blow dry clothes. Higher end also has sterilization function, these are other drying clothes can not compare, so drying clothes of course first choice. Especially when there are old people, children or pregnant women at home, electric clothes hangers are more convenient than any clothes hangers. So let’s talk about the role of micro switch in electric clothes hanger.

First of all, the main components of the electric clothes hanger include the main frame, the air frame and the clothes telescopic rod. A micro switch for a limit device of an electric clothes hanger usually comprises a micro switch body and an elastic rod that is oscillated on the micro switch body. Micro switch on the body set with elastic rod for press fit button, the end of an elastic rod set with clothes-horse wire rope guide idler pulley, based on the interpretation of the wire rope and triggers of change in the size of a force on the wheel micro switch button presses or reset,

which makes the automatic dryer can be implemented depending on the degree of tension wire rope electric module start-stop control, The safety of automatic drying rack is improved. The micro switch of the existing electric clothes hanger is mainly located at both ends of the reel. When the reel moves in a small range of axial direction, the clothes drying rod also rises or falls significantly. The main body of the micro switch is provided with a button that is compatible with the elastic bar counterpressing, which is used to limit the placement of the contraction bar to prevent overstretching and reduction.


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