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Everything you need to know about footswitches

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When it comes to switches, people are no strangers. It can be seen everywhere in life, but when it comes to the foot switch, I believe most people do not know it very well. In fact, the foot switch is also a kind of switch, and it has been widely used in daily life. The emergence of the foot switch has actually subverted the tradition that the switch can only be operated by hand. This new technology is closely related to life.

A brief introduction to the foot switch

The foot switch is a switch that controls the on-off of the circuit by stepping on or stepping on it. It is used in the control circuit that cannot be touched by both hands to replace the hands to achieve the purpose of operation. Because in life, there are many places where the hand cannot be pulled out, so for the sake of convenience, the foot switch was invented in this way.

Foot switches are widely used in medical equipment, stamping equipment, welding equipment, textile equipment and printing machinery. Because in production activities, the convenience of the foot switch is well utilized.

The principle of the foot switch is the same as that of the voice control switch and the light control switch. However, the difference is that the signal of the foot switch is through the foot pedal.

What are the product features of the foot switch?

1. The surface is spray-coated with excellent impact resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance (180 degrees).

2. The cable outlet is provided with a cable head, so the waterproof, oil-proof and impact-proof effects are outstanding.

3. The standard configuration of cable lead-out length is 2 meters, M type is 0.5 square meters; H type is 0.75 square meters.

4. The built-in micro switch has obtained UL, VDE, TUV, CE, CCC certification.

5. The built-in micro switch contacts are plated with 24K gold.

6. “H” type achieves IP65 protection level.

7. All models have passed CE certification. ·

8. Obtained China’s product safety CCC certification.

Matters needing attention when using the foot switch

A. Please pay attention to the rated load of the product according to the nature of the load and the current value when purchasing.

B. When handling and moving, attention should be paid to the occurrence of short circuit and open circuit in the internal wiring.

C. When using in places with a lot of water, dust, etc., the protection level should be strengthened.

D. Avoid heavy pressure and impact on the product, and use it with care.


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