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Everything you need to know about button switches

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Toggle switch is a manual control switch, mainly used for on-off control of AC and DC power circuits, but generally can also be used in circuits of several kilohertz or up to 1 MHz. It has the characteristics of small size and convenient operation, and is a commonly used switch in electronic equipment. Lock lever handle is suitable for hazardous operation. There is also a “lift and unlock” type button handle, which is provided with a spring and a milled groove at the end of the solenoid. The operator must first lift the button handle, and then push it to another position to ensure safe work.

Wiring method of button switch

In manual operation, the switch action can be divided into two stages. The first stage is to move the trigger to the middle by hand until the trigger is in the vertical position. At this time, the pointed top of the single-knife slider also gradually moves toward the middle until it reaches the middle position, which further compresses the pressing flute. After the trigger has passed the vertical position, the single-knife slider moves rapidly in the other direction under the pressure of the pressing whistle, and drives the plate handle to turn rapidly. The contact pins are quickly turned on, which is the second stage. At this time, the separation speed of the contacts is related to factors such as the pressure of the compression spring and the friction between the moving parts, and the speed is very high. According to the test, the time from the disengagement of the contact to the reconnection is only about milliseconds, and the average speed reaches the old millimeter-second. This speed is many times faster than the manual call speed or the maneuver test call speed.

Precautions for the use of button switches

1. First of all, the appropriate type of switch and connector should be selected according to the conditions of use and functions.

2. The rated voltage and current of the switch and connector should have a certain margin.

3. In order to ensure reliable contact, the number of contacts and connectors of the switch should have a certain margin for parallel use or backup.

4. Try to use connectors with positioning to avoid faults caused by wrong insertion.

5. The wiring and welding of the contacts are reliable. In order to prevent disconnection and short circuit, the welding place should be protected by a casing.


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