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What occasions are the travel switches mainly used for?

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The travel switch is suitable for control circuits with AC voltage to 500 volts or DC voltage of 440 volts and current below 5A, converting mechanical signals into electrical signals. To control the stroke of moving parts or realize program control. Limit switches with contacts work similarly to pushbuttons. Essentially the same as a button, the difference is that the button needs to be manually operated to achieve contact closure or breaking, and the travel switch needs to rely on the collision of the moving parts to finally realize the contact closure or breaking. The travel switch is installed on a relatively stationary object, and its contacts act (close or break) when the moving part hits it.

For example, in an automatic lift three-dimensional garage, a travel switch is installed at the second floor to limit the second floor garage to stop when it reaches this position, for the second floor parking space; column 2 is installed at both ends of the vehicle, and two can be installed at each end. , the first is used to decelerate and the second is used to stop. Take a relatively simple example: use the travel switch to control the forward and reverse rotation of the motor, one travel switch is connected to the contactor that controls the forward rotation, and the other is connected to the contactor that controls the reverse rotation, and the two travel switches are installed at both ends of the moving parts. Realize the automatic forward and reverse function of the motor.

You have an electric window judging key curtain in your home. If you want it to stop automatically when it is pulled to the end, you can install a travel switch where you want to stop. When the curtain moves to the switch, there will be a switch on the switch. Feel the position of the pressing or impact. As soon as the curtain hits, it will automatically cut off the circuit and stop the curtain. It is to control the travel of the moving parts inside various devices, stop or go back wherever you go, you can use the travel switch.

In tape recorders and VCRs, we often use fast forward or rewind, where the tape rotates rapidly, but stops automatically when it reaches the end of the tape. Here again the travel switch comes into play, this time not by a bump but by a sudden increase in the tension of the tape.

In industrial production, the travel switch can be used to feedback the position feedback of the pneumatic actuator. Take a common straight-stroke cylinder as an example, the travel switch is placed on the front and rear ends of the cylinder tie rod movement track, but when the tie rod moves linearly, the contact of the travel switch can be used to know the movement of the actuator. At the same time, after the signal is fed back to the control system such as plc and dcs, the automatic operation of the equipment can be achieved according to the logic of the control system.


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