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What is a rotary switch

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Knob switches are mainly installed on liquid and gas pipelines to adjust the flow and pressure of liquid and gas. When in use, turn the handle to drive the adjusting nut to rotate, connect the valve with the left-hand thread through the left-hand thread, and drive the valve to move to the right or left to change the cross-sectional area of the right hole passage in the valve body cavity, thereby adjusting the liquid and gas in the upper outlet pipeline. The magnitude of flow and pressure.

A rotary switch is a switch that controls the on-off of the main contact by rotating the handle. There are also two structural forms of the rotary switch, namely the single-pole unit structure and the multi-pole multi-bit structure. The single-pole unit rotary switch is often used together with the rotary potentiometer in the application, while the multi-pole multi-position rotary switch is mostly used for switching the working state line.

A rotary switch is a switch that uses a rotary handle to control the on-off of the main contacts. Generally divided into unipolar unit structure and multi-polar multi-bit structure. The rotary switch can be used to replace the rotary pulse generator that simulates the function of the traditional resistive potentiometer. These rotary switches are generally used in the front panel of the instrument and the man-machine interface of the audio-visual control panel. The rotary switch uses a quadrature optical encoder as an alternative to the analog potentiometer. A purely digital device, these rotary switches look like traditional or resistive potentiometers, but the internal structure of these rotary switches is completely digital and uses optical technology. Similar to traditional incremental encoder products, there are two quadrature output signals (channel a and channel b), which can be directly connected to the encoder processing chip.

The common band switch and the shift switch of the multimeter are all rotary switches, and there are two types of structures: one is the BBM (Break Before Make) contact type, which is characterized in that the moving contact disconnects the front contact during the transposition. After reconnecting the rear contacts, there is a state in which both the front and rear contacts are disconnected; the other is the MBB (Make Before Break) contact type, which is characterized in that the moving contacts have a state in which both the front and rear contacts are in contact with each other during repositioning. . Then disconnect the front contact and keep in contact with the rear contact. In the circuit design, the appropriate rotary switch should be selected according to the circuit usage and circuit safety.


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