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What are the application scenarios of microswitches?

What are the application scenarios of microswitches?

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A lever microswitch is an electronic switch that is commonly used in small electrical devices that require manual operation and can be used to turn a circuit on or off.
The application scenarios of instantaneous microswitches are very wide, including but not limited to the following aspects :

1, Electronic equipment: button microswitches are often used in electronic equipment, such as computer mice, keyboards, printers, digital cameras, etc., to control the switch or mode selection of equipment.
2, Household appliances: In household appliances, microswitches are widely used in microwave ovens, air conditioners, electric kettles, power tools and other small household appliances, so that users can easily start or close appliances.

3, Automotive electronic system: the electronic equipment inside the car will also usually use micro switches, such as interior lights, sound systems, etc., for control and adjustment.
4, Industrial equipment: In the industrial field, controlled microswitches are often used in a variety of automation equipment, as well as some mechanical equipment that requires manual control.
In general, instantaneous microswitches with levers can play a role in a variety of electrical equipment that requires manual operation.

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