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What are the advantages of toggle switches?

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A toggle switch is a manually controlled switch primarily used for on-off control of AC and DC power circuits, but can also be used in circuits of several kilohertz or up to 1 MHz. The sub-switch is usually suitable for AC 50HZ or 60HZ, and the voltage is AC 600V and DC 400V. It can be used as a control signal interlock in the control circuit, and is widely used in CNC machine tools, machinery, telecommunications, ships, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields. The wide application of toggle switches is inseparable from its advantages.

1. The button switch button is bright and eye-catching. The button surface is treated with special processing technology, with novel design and beautiful appearance. Because its appearance is specially treated, it can be used for a long time without wear and fading. Its button decorative ring is treated with the internationally popular calendered metallic color;

2. The toggle switch has good flame retardancy. Since the shell of the switch button is made of imported nylon, it has excellent flame retardancy. We know that because electricity is a special substance, electrodes are prone to fires and accidents due to failure. The sub-switch has excellent flame retardancy and is not easy to burn in some cases, which helps to protect the circuit;

3. The toggle switch adopts a unique terminal design, which is safe to touch, and there is no possibility of contact. Once the general switch is used improperly, it is easy to get electric shock and endanger personal safety. However, the terminal of the toggle switch is specially designed to not cause electric shock under any circumstances, making it safer for people to use the button switch. At the same time, the button switch can effectively prevent the screw from falling off, which largely reflects the safety of the button switch;

4. It has certain waterproof and dustproof performance. As we all know, water is the enemy of electrical circuits. The circuit is prone to short-circuit and other phenomena when exposed to water, which may damage the circuit and even cause dangers such as leakage. The toggle switch has strong waterproof and dustproof performance, and its waterproof device can ensure that the protection level of the product reaches IP65. After installing the protective cover, the good dustproof performance makes the protection level reach IP67;

5.The toggle switch consists of three parts: the contact module, the frame and the button head. The connection of these three parts adopts the internationally recognized fastener-free self-locking connection, which is safe, reliable and easy to disassemble. One person can operate alone and has a long service life.


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