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What are the advantages of the nuke switch?

toggle switch
What are the advantages of the nuke switch?

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Torsion switch is a kind of manual control switch, widely used in CNC machine tools, machinery, telecommunications, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields.

Here are some advantages of the girl switch :

1、The button color of the switch is bright and eye-catching. The surface of the button is processed by special processing technology, with novel design and beautiful appearance.

2、Twister switch has good flame retardancy. Because the shell of the switch button is imported nylon, the flame retardant is excellent.

3、Twist switch adopts a unique terminal design, finger contact safety, absolutely no contact possible. Due to a certain risk to people, once used improperly, it is easy to have electric shock accidents, which brings a threat to personal safety, so that people are more assured to use the toggle switch. At the same time, the switch can also effectively prevent the screw from falling off, which reflects the safety of the opening of the button to a large extent ;

4、It has certain waterproof and dustproof property. We all know that water is the enemy of electrical wiring. When the line encounters water, it is easy to short-circuit and other phenomena, resulting in the destruction of the line, and even the occurrence of leakage and other dangers. The twist switch is not necessary to worry about these dangers, because it has a strong waterproof and dustproof;

5、The twist switch is composed of contact module, frame, button head three parts, the three parts are connected by the international fastener-free self-locking connection, safe, reliable, and disassembly is quite convenient, a person can operate alone to complete, and its long service life.

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