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The structure of the toggle switch

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The toggle switch is used to switch the circuit on or off by flipping the switch handle. Many people have seen the appearance, shape and pin form of the toggle switch, but the internal structure of the toggle switch is rarely seen because no one has ever dismantled it. The toggle switch has one gear, two gears, three gears, four gears, five gears, six gears, seven gears, eight gears; there are single row, double row, three row and so on. Whether it is a horizontal handle, a straight handle, or a miniature, its internal structure is similar. The iron shell toggle is divided into three forms: glue, wave beads, and shrapnel. Among them, the shrapnel toggle has the highest lifespan, the best hand feeling, and the highest unit price; the cheap, simple and easy-to-do is the glue toggle; Compare the mid-range toggles.

The toggle switch is made of:

1. The shell is nickel-plated iron shell (salt spray 12-24 hours)

2. The rubber handle is made of plastic material (materials are divided into POM, PPA, PBT)

3. The chip is made of phosphor copper and silver (contact resistance can be less than 30 milliohms)

4. The terminal pins are composed of silver-plated brass

5. The bottom plate is composed of PCB board

6. The spring is composed of high-performance springs imported from Japan

7. Dispensing is made of sealed temperature-resistant red glue

8. The wave bead is composed of stainless steel wave column

The toggle switch is a new generation of photoelectric switching devices manufactured by using integrated circuit technology and surface mount external device technology. It has intelligent functions such as delay, spread, external synchronization, anti-interference, high reliability, stable working area and self-diagnosis. The new photoelectric switch is an active photoelectric detection system type electronic switch using pulse modulation. The cold light sources used include infrared light, red light, green light, blue light, and the like. The state and function of various substances such as solids, liquids, transparent bodies, black bodies, soft bodies, and smoke. Can be fast, non-contact, no damage. The contact type travel switch drives the waterproof and explosion-proof switch, which has the disadvantages of slow response speed, poor accuracy, easy damage to the measured object and short service life in contact detection, while the transistor proximity switch has a short operating distance and cannot directly detect non-metallic materials. However, this new type of photoelectric switch overcomes the above shortcomings, and has the advantages of small size, multiple functions, long life, high precision, fast response speed, long detection distance, strong resistance to light, electricity, and magnetic interference.

The three-speed toggle switch is connected to the middle foot and the next foot to complete the on/off control function. For example, connect the left and right lights, connect the wires directly in the middle, and connect the left and right sides respectively. The toggle switch is to switch the circuit on or off by flipping the switch handle, so as to achieve the purpose of switching the circuit. The commonly used varieties of toggle switches are unipolar two-position, unipolar three-position, bipolar two-position and bipolar three-position, etc. It is generally used in low-voltage circuits and has the characteristics of flexible slider action, stable and reliable performance. Mainly widely used in: various instruments/meter equipment, various electric toys, fax machines, audio equipment, medical equipment, beauty equipment, and other fields of electronic products.


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