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Dual power automatic transfer switch

Dual power automatic transfer switch

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What is a dual power switch?

The automatic power switch, referred to as the switch switch, is composed of one or several switch electrical appliances and other necessary electrical appliances, used to detect the power circuit, and one or more load circuits from one power supply to another power supply electrical appliances.

At the same time is a perfect performance, safe and reliable, high degree of automation, the use of a wide range of dual power automatic switch.

The following is a physical picture of the dual power automatic transfer switch:

The purpose of the dual power automatic switch is simply to use all the way standby, when the common power sudden failure or power failure, through the dual power switch, automatically put into the backup power, (small load backup power can also be powered by the generator,) so that the equipment can still operate normally.

The most common is the elevator, fire, monitoring, the UPS uninterruptible power supply used by the bank is also, but his backup is the battery pack. Most of the factories and mines or units with a class load and a class two load have them!

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