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Does the travel switch belong to the main electrical appliance?

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The master electrical appliance is a switching appliance that is used to close or open the control circuit to issue instructions or to perform program control.

The travel switch belongs to the collision of the main electrical appliance production machinery moving parts to make their contacts move to connect or break the control circuit to achieve a certain control purpose. Usually, this type of switch is used to limit the position or stroke of mechanical movement, so that the moving machinery can automatically stop, reverse movement, variable speed movement or automatic round-trip movement according to a certain position or stroke.

The travel switch can be installed on relatively stationary objects (such as fixed frames, door frames, etc., referred to as still life) or on moving objects (such as vehicles, doors, etc., referred to as animals). When the animal approaches the still life, the link of the switch drives the contacts of the switch to cause the closed contacts to open or the open contacts to close. The action of the circuit and the mechanism is controlled by the change of the open and closed state of the switch contact.

In addition to the travel switch, the foot switch and the button switch are also the main electrical appliances

foot switch

It is a switch that can be used to operate the circuit by stepping on or stepping on it, and it can also be used to control the size of the output current. The foot switch is a switch that controls the on-off of the circuit by stepping on or stepping on it. It is used in the control circuit that cannot be touched by both hands to replace the hands to achieve the purpose of operation.

When the foot pedal gives a signal, the switch is executed. But in the field of welding, the function of the foot switch also plays the role of controlling the output current. This type of foot switch can also be divided into a mechanical foot switch and an inductive foot switch. The mechanical foot switch is a traditional rack and pinion drive, and the induction type is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

toggle switch

A manually controlled switch used primarily for on-off control of AC and DC power circuits, but can generally also be used in circuits of several kilohertz or up to 1 MHz. It has the characteristics of small size and convenient operation, and is a commonly used switch in electronic equipment.

There are many types of toggle switch handles, such as metal conical handle, plastic conical handle, fluorescent handle, plastic sleeve handle, ball handle, flat stem handle, locking lever handle, wave handle, paddle button handle etc.


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