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ZJSHUYI Micro switch in mouse

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Everyone is familiar with the mouse, and we are inseparable from it for study and work. In our hundreds of clicks every day, it is actually the mouse #microswitch that helps us realize the mouse operation. But how the mouse #microswitch works, many people don’t actually understand it.

Friends who know the micro switch know that the micro switch is a kind of “organ” that can save our operating effort to a large extent, and the principle of the mouse micro switch is similar. There will be a trigger element made of a metal reed inside the mouse micro switch. Every close contact between the silver point in the front of the metal reed and the contact point below it is what the micro switch does when we touch the mouse once. This small touch sends an electrical signal to the computer.

he micro switch in the mouse is mainly designed on the circuit board below the button. After we press the button on the mouse, the metal sheet inside the micro switch will be triggered once, and it will send a signal to the computer equipment when it is triggered. , and then the metal piece returns to its original position, thus completing a single click. The micro switches of ordinary mice are purely physical peripherals. Every time we click, they will cause a certain amount of wear and tear, reducing the life of the mouse. Only by improving the material and design of the #microswitches can we better reduce the wear and tear caused by clicking, thereby improving the The lifespan of the mouse. Major manufacturers regard the number of mouse clicks as an important reference data for the mouse. When choosing a mouse, it is best to choose a mouse that is suitable for us with high clicks. There is also a gap between price and quality. The #microswitch determines the quality of the mouse. The principle of “dividing goods”, and the micro switch is no exception.

As we all know, the performance of the mouse depends on many aspects, but the mouse micro switch is undoubtedly the more critical point. The efficiency and quality of the switch directly determine the user’s feel and experience, so the mouse #microswitch Must-have features include sensitivity and high quality. The higher the sensitivity of the mouse, the more efficient the user can convey instructions to the computer during the operation, which is very helpful whether it is at work or in the game. Because the number of mouse clicks is relatively frequent, when choosing a mouse micro switch, we should focus on the quality and the material of the switch contacts. Long-term use is bound to lose the life of the switch. Therefore, in addition to choosing good materials, we also Pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the mouse, so as to reduce the failure during use. Although the mouse #microswitch is a small and cheap part, it has a very wide range of applications in many fields, from small toys to large aerospace equipment, all kinds of switches must be used.


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