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ZJSHUYI Micro switch in gas stove

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The #microswitch on the gas stove is actually the button that ignites when we turn on the gas stove. There is a micro switch hidden in this button. This switch is the control valve for the ignition and flameout of the gas stove. Once there is a problem with the microswitch of the gas stove, it will directly affect the use of the gas stove.

The working principle of the gas stove #microswitch: the external mechanical force of the switch acts on the internal reed of the micro switch through the transmission element, and through the movement of the reed, it generates a reverse force, which achieves a complete work at one time, that is, a reverse The way to fire. By opening the micro switch, the ignition needle, the ion needle and the solenoid valve are charged at the same time, so that the ignition needle ignites, and then the solenoid valve is opened to pass the air, and at the same time, the ion needle senses the signal, and the three are linked at the same time. During the ignition process, the micro switch plays a role in transmitting a current signal and controlling the ignition. This little switch is familiar to all of us, but few people associate it with the micro switch. In fact, through gas stoves, water heaters, computers and other items, #microswitches have long been inseparable from our lives. Understanding the principle of micro switches is very helpful for the inspection and maintenance of some home appliances.

What will happen if the #microswitch in the gas stove is broken? First of all, there will be air leakage, and there will be air leakage at the connection between the valve body and the air duct, which is a safety hazard. There is also a serious overflow phenomenon when cooking, and dirty things flow in from the valve body, affecting normal use. And the gas stove will stop firing for more than 8 seconds and it will keep firing. In addition, the #microswitch is acted on by the external mechanical force through the transmission element on the action reed, and the reed starts to operate, causing it to generate a reverse force, so as to complete the ignition work.

Then the repair position of the micro switch is generally divided into four steps. First, remove the panel, so that all stoves with pulse switches should be installed in the stove, but this form is only electronic ignition type. Secondly, we need to find the corresponding tools, such as small screwdrivers, pay attention to how small it is. Then we replace the micro switch, which is generally a little black under the ignition handle. Finally, after installing the battery, we directly perform micro-motion debugging, and we can install the panel. If there is no power after the switch is replaced, it depends on whether the wires are connected or not. Be careful not to press the wrong two wires, and the screws to be removed are the ones used to remove the phone.

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