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What is the difference between a travel switch and a combination switch

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Limit switch

1. The travel switch, also known as the limit switch, is a master electrical appliance that uses the collision or proximity of mechanical moving parts to control the action of its contacts. It is used to control the stroke of the mechanical moving parts and change the direction, speed and program control of the movement. There are two commonly used forms: button type and rotary arm type. The push-button travel switch is very similar to the push-button switch, the difference is that it relies on the mechanical moving parts to collide with the push rod of the travel switch to automatically control the on-off of the contacts.

2. As shown in the figure below, the travel switch is composed of contacts or micro switches, operating mechanisms and shells. With the help of the striker on the mechanical part, the operating mechanism is actuated to push the micro switch to make the contacts close or open.

3. Some travel switches can be automatically reset after being collided by mechanical moving parts, and some cannot be reset automatically. The gangway, driving, rolling door, etc. are usually equipped with travel switches.

Combination Switch

1. The combination switch, also known as the universal switch, is a multi-channel multi-pole master switch that can control the on-off of multiple electrical circuits. It has many operating positions and can be used as a remote control switch for power distribution equipment, a switch for various instruments, a forward and reverse switch, and a variable speed switch for two-speed motors.

2. The combination switch has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, reliable operation and convenient use.

1) The contact system of the combination switch consists of several embedded moving and static contact blocks. The moving contact is a double-break point butt-type contact bridge, each contact bridge is in contact with the static contact by a spring, and is controlled by a cam sleeved on the hexagonal rotating shaft to be turned on or off.

2) The closing law of each contact of the combination switch is described by the contact closure table. In the table, the state of the contact when the switch handle is in a certain position is “X”, which means that the contact is closed at this time. This combination switch is often used on the distribution board to measure the voltage and current of each phase or to select the control mode and control position for a certain equipment.

3.When using the combination switch, care should be taken not to overload it, and it is best not to connect and cut off the power supply with load, so as not to damage the switch contacts and reduce the service life.


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