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What is the difference between a tact switch and a micro switch?

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The whole working process of the micro switch is as follows: in the absence of external force, the dynamic closing and dynamic disconnecting switches are in a state of motionless in situ. Deforms, stores mechanical energy and causes misalignment. As the zero point of order is reached, the spring plate is connected to the dynamic isolating switch causing a momentary jump, resulting in the connection, disconnection or conversion of the power circuit. When the external force is eliminated, the spring sheet will release mechanical energy and cause reverse deflection. When based on another zero boundary point, the isolation switch is automatically corrected under the action of the spring sheet.

Features of Micro Switches

1. Although the specification and model are small, the total flow of the power switch can be large.

      Normally, when an electronic circuit is closed, a flame, the full name of which is an arc, is caused between the contacts. The greater the total flow of electricity, the easier it is to cause arcs. The speed of changing contacts is very slow, and the time delay of arcs is longer, which is the factor leading to the deterioration of contacts. The snap-action mechanism of the micro switch can change the contacts in an instant, so the arc time delay is short, and the specification and model are small, but it can be used in a power supply circuit with a very large total flow of electricity.

2. Precision machining

The micro switch can basically change the contact at the same position even if it continues to open/close, so the position detection error is small, and it can be used in the scope of application that requires precision machining. This is also a unique advantage of microswitches with snap-action mechanisms.

3. Performance indicators

Due to the short arc time delay, the damage to the contact is relatively small, so the performance index has been improved.

4. Touch and sound

The quick-action mechanism has an unusual touch and sound during operation, so the operation process can be clarified according to the feel and auditory system software.

What is the difference between the tact switch and the micro switch? The general touch method of the tact switch is the click type, the connection is broken in an instant, the effect is relatively simple, and it is generally suitable for a single on and off of micro-electric products (click The function of the micro switch is more diverse, it can be turned on and off into a power circuit, it can also be normally open, and it can also be used as a detection power switch. The cost is relatively high. In other words, the micro switch can completely replace the tact switch, and the most important thing is the difficulty of cost and capacity structure.


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