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Triggering reasons and fault phenomenon of travel switch

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People’s lives are getting better and better, and more and more places are using electricity. Then a new type of weapon came out with a trip switch. #Travelswitches are very common. For example, the tape recorders or video recorders in our small home appliances all have travel switches. Only when the #travelswitches are used, the playback can be performed smoothly. If the travel switches are not used, when the tape rotates to a certain When the degree of the tape will not automatically rewind, a switch needs to be formed to help the rewind. The same is true for the washing machine in the family. The screw that keeps spinning all the time is also controlled by the travel switch. There are also elevators that use travel switches. Travel switches are also popular on factory assembly lines. For example, there are many such #travelswitches in the factories that make shoes. The travel machines are installed with travel switches. We can use the travel switches to set the operating principle of the machine and set the program from the starting point to the end point. Because of the use of the #travelswitch, it is possible to keep the machine running continuously without manual work, so that the travel switch can work day and night without manual labor, saving a lot of labor and labor. So this is why travel switches are becoming more and more popular. The travel switch has slowly penetrated into our life.

The function of the travel switch is the same as that of the button. It uses the collision of a moving part of the production machine (ie, the mechanical stopper) to make the contact action to turn on and off the control circuit, instead of operating by hand. It consists of normally open contacts, normally closed contacts, and transmission devices. Triggering method of the travel switch: when the animal approaches the still life, the connecting rod of the switch drives the contact of the switch to cause the closed contact to break or the open contact to close. The action of the circuit and mechanism is controlled by the change of the open and closed states of the switch contacts. Inductive proximity switch is a kind of position sensor with switching output. It consists of LC high-frequency oscillator and amplifying processing circuit. When a metal object approaches the oscillating induction head that can generate an electromagnetic field, eddy currents are generated inside the object. This eddy current reacts to the proximity switch, attenuates the oscillation ability of the proximity switch, and changes the parameters of the internal circuit, thereby identifying whether there is a metal object approaching, and then controlling the on or off of the switch.

The #travelswitch is generally divided into three major faults. First: after the roller collides, the lever is stuck by the sundries and cannot drive the contact; or the operating head is deflected, cannot collide with the component, and cannot stop when it reaches the distance; the travel switch is in Under the collision of the components, due to the limited elastic life of the spring sheet, it cannot bounce back during the collision, or the selected model has insufficient elastic force; or the contacts fall off due to manufacturing problems during long-term work, and the motor cannot be driven after contact. The above The situation will occur after the position switch is reset, but the normally closed contact cannot be closed, which means that the circuit is always in a disconnected state; second: the installation position of the switch is improper; the electrical conductivity of the contacts is aging and cannot be very good during operation. It plays a conductive role, and the contact is poor; or the connecting wire of the contact is broken or fallen off; due to the wrong model selection of the switch, in the long-term operation, the coil is aging or the current is too large, causing the coil to burn out. Use a magnetic blow-out #travelswitch, which can withstand a relatively large DC current) the contact is disconnected from the circuit, which will cause the contact to not make any action when the component hits the switch; third: the #travelswitch is installed Inaccurate measurement of the position during the process, low position, or excessive mechanical resistance due to process problems or impurities in the switch, will cause the contact to not move after the lever is deflected.


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