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Application field

The company always adheres to the core value of “innovation creates value”. Professional design, development and production of micro switches, limit switches, toggle switches, foot switches, button switches. Always uphold a highly standardized professional attitude to provide customers with the best products. With continuous design innovation, we research and develop trendy electronic switch products in the market to meet customer needs.

The main function of the technology center is to efficiently realize personalized products and develop more application products. The company sincerely invites top technical talents who have unique insights into products and processes to join us, continue to innovate, and strive for excellence in every product.

The switches are widely used in Factory automation;Transports;Texitle Machinery Industry;Elevator Industry; Water Treatment;Energy Control lndustry; Robotics Industry; Food/Chemical lndustry; Automobile Industry; Machine Tool lndustry; Automatic Controller; Electronic Instrument; Medical Instruments; Testing;Vending machines;Appliances.
In everyday life, there are traces of our switches everywhere.

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