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Micro switch use and operation method

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The so-called micro switch can open the switch with a very small force, and the distance between the contacts is relatively small, and the torque is relatively large. Generally speaking, the size is divided into small and ultra-small, and one is ultra-small. Customers can look at the size of the switch they need to buy according to the specific situation. A lot of mouse buttons used in our daily life are the function of micro switches. So what kind of environmental guarantee is required for the installation and use of this switch?

When manually soldering the micro switch, try to choose a temperature lower than 320°C, and ensure that the configuration can be completed within three seconds. At the same time, it should be noted that when working, do not put pressure on the terminal part, otherwise the equipment may not work normally. If the switch is used on a relatively small current or voltage, it is best to use a low-power circuit, that is, Au cladding contacts. At the same time, when the switch is in use, pay attention to waterproofing, and the temperature must be within the specified range. Only when all the above conditions are met, can this type of switch be able to exert its maximum power and ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Only in this way can the service life of the switch be extended.

Micro switch use status

Please do not use it for a long time in the state where it has been pressed. Otherwise, the deterioration of the part will be accelerated and its characteristics will be changed.

Micro switch operation method

The operation method of the micro switch affects the performance of the switch

• Use a switch operator (cam, stopper, etc.) with a smooth shape. The actuating rod of the switch is quickly retracted, and the actuating rod may be damaged and its life may be shortened if it is impacted.

• Do not apply eccentric load to the drive rod during operation. Otherwise, local friction may cause damage to the drive rod and shorten its life.

・Operate according to the movement direction of the drive lever. In the needle button type, press the button vertically.

・Set the angle θ of the cam and stopper such as the ball rocker within the range of 30 to 45°. Too large an angle can cause abnormal lateral stress to the sway bar.

・When the drive rod is processed, excessive external force will be applied to the internal mechanism of the switch, which will change its characteristics and cause the switch to fail.

・When using the external lever as the operating body, in order to determine the applied load according to the operating load of the switch, please confirm the material, plate thickness, etc.


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